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Sexual Health and Family Planning Services


At the surgery we offer family planning advice and are able to discuss your need for contraception.  You can book to see either our nurse, associate practitioner Katherine or the doctor. You may wish to read the Your Guide to Contraception Choices, published by the FPA.


Services we offer:


  • Advice on choice of contraception

  • Emergency contraception advice

  • Prescribing oral contraception

  • Contraception Injection

  • Contraceptive Implant and removal (Nexplanon)

  • Coil fitting and Removal


  • the doctors and nurses are very happy to offer advice on contraception to anyone in complete confidence. See our statement on confidentiality

  • we will discuss all available choices

  • We fit and remove coils and contraceptive implants (Nexplanon)

  • Dr Sunitha does our coil and implant clinic. She will be happy to discuss your contraceptive needs and book you to fit a coil or implant as per your preference.

  • Our nurse can give you a contraception Injection (depo-provera)

  • to ensure your wellbeing, it is important that you have regular and timely Pill Check. Please make  appointments with nurse for the pill checks.


family planning association: has a good section on contraception methods and sexually transmitted diseases.

What if I am under 16?

If you are under 16, a doctor or nurse can give you contraception if they are confident that you have enough understanding of the decision you are making.

They will always encourage you to talk to your parents or carers about your decision. Sometimes, a doctor or nurse may decide that a young person under 16 is not mature enough to make their own decisions about their treatment without their parent's or carers involvement. They would encourage you to talk to your parent or carer, but they would not tell anyone about your consultation.


The only reason why we might have to consider passing on confidential information without your permission, would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm. We would always try to discuss this with you first.


Emergency Contraception

Family Planning Association's "Guide to Emergency Contraception": Click Here

A woman can use emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex, or if a method of contraception has failed.

The emergency contraceptive pill is more effective the sooner you take it. When you take it within 24 hours of unprotected sex, it is 95% effective at preventing pregnancy. When it's taken between 25-48 hours after unprotected sex it is 85% effective and when it's taken between 49-72 hours after unprotected sex it is 58% effective at preventing pregnancy. So it's important that you get advice on emergency contraception as soon as possible after having unprotected sex.

There are two methods of emergency contraception:

  • the emergency contraceptive pill (the morning-after pill)
  • the copper intrauterine device (IUD)

Both of these methods are effective at preventing pregnancy if they are used soon after unprotected sex. However, the pill is not quite as effective as the IUD - for example, Levonelle (see below) has a failure rate of 5% when taken within 24 hours, whereas the IUD is 99.9% effective.

Emergency contraceptive pill

There are two types of emergency contraceptive pill:

  • Levonelle is the most commonly used. It can be taken up to three days (72 hours) after having unprotected sex, and is available free of charge on prescription or can be bought from your local pharmacy if you are over 16.
  • ellaOne is a newer type of emergency contraceptive pill that can be taken up to five days (120 hours) after having unprotected sex. It is only available on prescription.

Most women can use the emergency contraceptive pill, including women who are breastfeeding and those who cannot usually use hormonal contraception (such as the combined pill or contraceptive patch).

The emergency contraceptive pill should not be used as a regular method of contraception.


GUM clinic

If you are concerned that you might have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it would be best recommended that you contact and attend the local Genito-Urinary Medicine clinic (GUM clinic). They can perform tests for any STD including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis, HIV and AIDs if you wish. You can see them in complete confidence, and we won't be told about it unless you want us to know.

The nearest GUM clinic is at:


Grays GUM clinic:

Orsett Hospital
GUM Clinic (Sexual Health Clinic)
Anthony Wisdom Centre
Rowley Road
RM16 3EU

Tel: 01268 592 214 (Direct Line)


'Ask Brook'

Ask Brook provides free sexual health information, support and signposting for all young people under 25 anywhere in the UK. (If you are over 25 and in the UK you can contact FPA. Brook is a registered charity.

  • Telephone 0808 802 1234 - free from all telephones including mobile phones
  • Text Ask Brook on 07717 989 023 (standard SMS rates apply)

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